Pre-Recorded Vocal Learning Track Recording Library List
(As of December 27, 2021)

 All Vocal Learning Tracks on this Pre-Recorded list are $95.00 USD each for a set, which includes the following:

*One Full Mixdown Version Track

*Four Part Predominant Left Tracks

*Four Part Missing Tracks

Each of the Vocal Learning Tracks are ranked upon difficulty as well (1 being Easy, 3 being Difficult).


For songs that are more than four parts, a quote will be provided. Single Tracks are also available at $30.00 USD per track, by request.

Most of the Sheet Music for these Vocal Learning Tracks can be obtained through the Barbershop Harmony Society website, found at Others can be found through the Arranger/Composers websites, and some even through Contact Shawn at for contact information.


To search for a particular Vocal Learning Track set, enter into the Search field of the table either the Arranger name or the title of the song you are looking for. Once you have made your selection, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Ordering Information page of this website to place your order. I will then provide instructions to complete your order. To request to hear a demo of a particular song before purchasing, please contact Shawn at

Mechanical licensing fees are your responsibility for the Learning Tracks you purchase. You can pay mechanical licensing fees by going to, which is a website where Mechanical licensing fees are collected to pay the proper royalties to the copyright owners. The current cost is 9.1 cents per copy and you must pay for a minimum of 25 copies. The minimum cost is $2.28 per song.